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Fishing Boat Harbour
Fremantle WA 6160
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Joe’s History of Fremantle Boating Harbour

At Joe’s Fish Shack, the view is almost as good as the food! We’re located overlooking, Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour with a spectacular view of the sparkling Indian Ocean and a convenient distance from other iconic Fremantle sites. We’re so proud to be a part of such an iconic Fremantle site, just like we’re proud of the history behind it, especially since it has so much to do with the importance of seafood.

Fremantle Boat Harbour started off in 1919 as just a single jetty, right next to the original fish markets.  It was used as a safe place for fishing boats to anchor, after they would stop off at the markets to drop off their catch of the day. More developments continued in 1962 when a southern breakwater was constructed, and again between 1969 and 1972 where the first pens to house 120 fishing boats were constructed.

We think some iconic history was definitely made in 1984! Due to the America’s Cup Defence, some major developments were made including the Challenger Harbour, car parking and of course some amazing restaurants including, our absolute favourite: Joe’s Fish Shack!

So much of Fremantle’s history revolves around fishing and great seafood! So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to keep that tradition alive. We understand and respect the importance of fresh seafood. That’s why you’ll only ever find the very best on our tables, because our customers deserve the best and so does Fremantle!

Right now on our tables, we’ve got the Big Three! We’ve got crayfish, oysters and prawns calling your name all the way from Fremantle Boat Harbour. Join us for lunch and dinner soon for some absolutely fresh and succulent seafood and some exploring of Fremantle Boat Harbour. Maybe you’ll even learn a thing or two!